Submission guidelines

Stata Press is committed to ensuring you have all the tools you need to publish your book. With full copyediting and proofreading services, we ensure the utmost quality of all our titles. When you publish with Stata Press, you're also guaranteeing your book gets in front of the audience you need–professional researchers and Stata users.

Stata Press is interested in publishing books about Stata or about a statistical topic with demonstrations using Stata. Publishing with Stata Press includes many benefits, from technical review to marketing. We also offer

  • responsive support,
  • full copyediting and proofreading services,
  • global distribution,
  • thorough peer-review, and
  • access to Stata users.

To submit your book for publication by Stata Press, see the submission guidelines below. If you would first like to discuss your idea, please contact us.

Description of the project

Answer the following questions. Pay particular attention to defining the audience and how the book will be useful to them.

What is this book about?

In one or two paragraphs, please describe this book's topic in layman's terms.

Why should it exist? Why is it new?

Where does it fit in the existing Stata publication universe? Why write a book and not a Stata Journal article?

Why are you the one to write it?

What do you bring to the topic? What do you find interesting about it? What expertise do you have that makes you the right person to write this book?

Why is now the time to publish it?

Is there a gap that it fills? When do you expect to complete it?

Who makes up the core audience and why will they find it appealing?

This is the most important question to consider. Your book needs a well-defined audience. Writing to that audience is what makes your book hang together.

  • Does your book have an audience who will seek it out?
  • Who makes up that audience?
  • What situations will readers find themselves in that will make them want to read this book? How will you make the book useful for them in those situations?
  • Will it appeal to readers across disciplines? If so, how might their needs differ?
  • What knowledge will you assume that the audience has?
  • What sort of background will you need to provide?
Annotated table of contents

Develop an annotated table of contents. Give each chapter a title and write one or two paragraphs that fulfill the following:

  • Identify the point of the chapter (that is, the question that it asks and answers).
  • Explain how the chapter contributes to the main goals of the book.
  • Relate the chapter back to the readers' situations by stating how this chapter helps them.
  • Describe the materials that you will use to answer this chapter's questions.
Sample chapter

Please attach at least one sample chapter that includes the use of Stata.

About the author

Please include your vita, resume, or biography detailing your professional affiliations.


Estimate of when the book will be finished.


We prefer that manuscripts be submitted electronically in TeX or LaTeX. We can discuss other options.


Mail or email the proposal to

We will contact you immediately to confirm once we have received the above information. The submission will be forwarded to one of our statisticians, who will evaluate the project as promptly as possible. Evaluation time is approximately three weeks.