Support materials for
Microeconometrics Using Stata

You can download the do-files and datasets for Microeconometrics Using Stata from within Stata using the net command. At the Stata prompt, type

      . net from
      . net install mus
      . net get mus

After installing the files, type spinst_mus to obtain all the user-written commands used in the book's examples. You should check the messages produced by the spinst_mus command. If there are any error messages, follow the instructions at the bottom of the output to complete the download.

If you do not have an Internet connection from within Stata, you can download one of the following files: PKZIP format, 2.9M
mus.tar.Z Unix tar.Z format 3.9M

We suggest that you create a new directory and copy the materials there.

One of the files included within .zip and .tar.Z, spinst_mus, will install all the user-written commands used in the book's examples when you type spinst_mus. However, you must be connected to the Internet for this command to work.