03 August 2021

Stata Press eBooks are now available through EBSCO eBooks platform

Stata Press has partnered with EBSCO Information Services to offer digital copies of the entire collection of Stata Press eBooks through EBSCO eBooks.

With the increased need of accessing content from anywhere and because more readers are consuming content digitally, especially for research-related activities, the entire Stata Press digital collection is now available on EBSCO. Our goal is to make it easier for libraries, for those teaching with Stata, and for those taking a course that uses Stata to have access to Stata Press titles.

With this partnership, libraries and other organizations will be able to quickly acquire in-demand eBooks for their communities of readers. Individuals at these organizations will then be able to access the eBooks, which is like checking out physical books from a physical library.

To get started, visit your library website or ask your librarian for more information. If your school or organization has an EBSCO account, please talk to your librarian about adding your favorite Stata Press titles to the collection. To see whether your institution has an EBSCO library, please visit EBSCO's Find My Organization. To learn more about EBSCO, visit www.ebsco.com.