Stata Press offers books with clear, step-by-step examples that make teaching and learning easier. In addition to Stata Press books, we offer a variety of resources for teaching with Stata.

Learn more about these resources below, or submit a request to review a text for your class.

Teaching resources

Teaching your course with Stata provides your students with tools and skills that translate to their professional life. Stata is affordable, easy to use and learn, and provides all the graphics, data management, and statistics that your students need. Learn more.

Our web resources page provides many links to resources that make introducing your students to Stata easy, including Stata for Students, the Online Stata tutorial, and Stata learning modules. These resources provide easy-to-follow instructions and examples to help students get up and running with Stata. We also have these Stata cheat sheets and dates and times guide that you can share.
Our YouTube channel is full of videos and short tutorials that can assist you and your class with using Stata. Browse all our video tutorial playlists by subject on the Stata website or by discipline on YouTube.
Our free Ready. Set. Go Stata. webinar is a great way to introduce new users to Stata. We also offer a version of this webinar, Introduction to Stata for students, that is specifically tailored to students and offered in the spring and fall.
Stata's documentation includes fully worked examples using downloadable datasets so you can work along or even extend the analyses.
Our NetCourses are convenient, web-based courses for Stata users of all experience levels, from beginning to advanced.
Interested in which books and Stata features apply to your discipline? We've created a page just for you.
Stata Press offers eBook titles that are affordable for students and easy to adopt for day-one access in your courses.
Browse articles written by Stata developers on the The Stata Blog, or see what's new on Statalist, the offical Stata forum moderated by users.

Desk copies

Desk copies of Stata Press books are available for instructors who wish to review a text for possible use in the classroom. Requests will be reviewed for approval.

Please note:
  • Only books published by Stata Press are available as desk copies.
  • One copy per book can be sent to the instructor. We do not offer copies for teaching assistants.
  • Shipping address must be an institutional address suitable for FedEx/UPS delivery. We are unable to send desk copies to a residential address. An option for an eBook will be presented if available.
  • For customers outside the U.S., we will send an eBook copy of the title if it exists. If there is not an eBook copy or if you prefer to receive a printed copy, you will be asked to pay shipping charges from the U.S. We will contact you with shipping options.