09 November 2023

Stata Press joins VitalSource's Inclusive Access program

We are excited to share that Stata Press eBooks are now available through VitalSource's Inclusive Access program, a course-by-course delivery model ensuring that students have access to their digital course content on or before the first day of class at reduced costs. Our goal is to make it easier for students and instructors using Stata in their courses to have access to Stata Press titles.

All content is discovered, managed, and accessed within the campus learning management system (LMS). VitalSource Inclusive Access is integrated with the following: Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace (D2L), Moodle, Explore, and others.

Instructors can select Stata Press titles as digital course material for the upcoming term by submitting their selections to their campus bookstore. Prior to the course start, instructors work with campus technology to customize digital materials to the online course environment. On or before the first day of class, the digital content is delivered to students. Students have the option to opt out if they prefer to not receive the eBook.

Inclusive Access offers many benefits for students, faculty, and institutions. Inclusive Access helps reduce students' financial burden by obtaining all necessary course material at the lowest possible price. With day one access for students, instructors can begin teaching content immediately. Instructors can track student engagement through LMS integration and ensure students are using the correct edition of an adopted title. Students who remain opted in are more likely to complete the course. Institutions benefit from improved student retention and success.

To get started, contact your campus library to add Stata Press eBooks to your course material.