Finite Mixture Models Reference Manual

Publisher: Stata Press
Copyright: 2023
ISBN-13: 978-1-59718-379-6
Pages: 135
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StataCorp. 2023. Stata 18 Finite Mixture Models Reference Manual. College Station, TX: Stata Press.

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Table of contents
fmm intro Introduction to finite mixture models
fmm estimation Fitting finite mixture models

fmm Finite mixture models using the fmm prefix

fmm: betareg Finite mixtures of beta regression models
fmm: cloglog Finite mixtures of complementary log—log regression models
fmm: glm Finite mixtures of generalized linear regression models
fmm: intreg Finite mixtures of interval regression models
fmm: ivregress Finite mixtures of linear regression models with endogenous covariates
fmm: logit Finite mixtures of logistic regression models
fmm: mlogit Finite mixtures of multinomial (polytomous) logistic regression models
fmm: nbreg Finite mixtures of negative binomial regression models
fmm: ologit Finite mixtures of ordered logistic regression models
fmm: oprobit Finite mixtures of ordered probit regression models
fmm: pointmass Finite mixtures models with a density mass at a single point
fmm: poisson Finite mixtures of Poisson regression models
fmm: probit Finite mixtures of probit regression models
fmm: regress Finite mixtures of linear regression models
fmm: streg Finite mixtures of parametric survival models
fmm: tobit Finite mixtures of tobit regression models
fmm: tpoisson Finite mixtures of truncated Poisson regression models
fmm: truncreg Finite mixtures of truncated linear regression models

fmm postestimation Postestimation tools for fmm

estat eform Display exponentiated coefficients
estat lcmean Latent class marginal means
estat lcprob Latent class marginal probabilities

Example 1a Mixture of linear regression models
Example 1b Covariates for class membership
Example 1c Testing coefficients across class models
Example 1d Component-specific covariates
Example 2 Mixture of Poisson regression models
Example 3 Zero-inflated models
Example 4 Mixture cure models for survival data

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