Multivariate Statistics Reference Manual

Publisher: Stata Press
Copyright: 2023
ISBN-13: 978-1-59718-392-5
Pages: 734
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StataCorp. 2023. Stata 18 Multivariate Statistics Reference Manual. College Station, TX: Stata Press.

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Table of contents
Intro Introduction to multivariate statistics manual
Multivariate Introduction to multivariate commands

alpha Compute interitem correlations (covariances) and Cronbach’s alpha

biplot Biplots

ca Simple correspondence analysis
ca postestimation Postestimation tools for ca and camat
ca postestimation plots Postestimation plots for ca and camat
candisc Canonical linear discriminant analysis
canon Canonical correlations
canon postestimation Postestimation tools for canon
cluster Introduction to cluster-analysis commands
clustermat Introduction to clustermat commands
cluster dendrogram Dendrograms for hierarchical cluster analysis
cluster generate Generate grouping variables from a cluster analysis
cluster kmeans and kmedians Kmeans and kmedians cluster analysis
cluster linkage Hierarchical cluster analysis
cluster notes Cluster analysis notes
cluster programming subroutines Add cluster-analysis routines
cluster programming utilities Cluster-analysis programming utilities
cluster stop Cluster-analysis stopping rules
cluster utility List, rename, use, and drop cluster analyses

discrim Discriminant analysis
discrim estat Postestimation tools for discrim
discrim knn kth-nearest-neighbor discriminant analysis
discrim knn postestimation Postestimation tools for discrim knn
discrim lda Linear discriminant analysis
discrim lda postestimation Postestimation tools for discrim lda
discrim logistic Logistic discriminant analysis
discrim logistic postestimation Postestimation tools for discrim logistic
discrim qda Quadratic discriminant analysis
discrim qda postestimation Postestimation tools for discrim qda

factor Factor analysis
factor postestimation Postestimation tools for factor and factormat

hotelling Hotelling's T2 generalized means test

manova Multivariate analysis of variance and covariance
manova postestimation Postestimation tools for manova
matrix dissimilarity Compute similarity or dissimilarity measures
mca Multiple and joint correspondence analysis
mca postestimation Postestimation tools for mca
mca postestimation plots Postestimation plots for mca
mds Multidimensional scaling for two-way data
mds postestimation Postestimation tools for mds, mdsmat, and mdslong
mds postestimation plots Postestimation plots for mds, mdsmat, and mdslong
mdslong Multidimensional scaling of proximity data in long format
mdsmat Multidimensional scaling of proximity data in a matrix
measure_option Option for similarity and dissimilarity measures
mvreg Multivariate regression
mvreg postestimation Postestimation tools for mvreg
mvtest Multivariate tests
mvtest correlations Multivariate tests of correlations
mvtest covariances Multivariate tests of covariances
mvtest means Multivariate tests of means
mvtest normality Multivariate normality tests

pca Principal component analysis
pca postestimation Postestimation tools for pca and pcamat
procrustes Procrustes transformation
procrustes postestimation Postestimation tools for procrustes

rotate Orthogonal and oblique rotations after factor and pca
rotatemat Orthogonal and oblique rotations of a Stata matrix

scoreplot Score and loading plots
screeplot Scree plot of eigenvlaues


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